Sunday, October 5, 2008

Arianne has been tagged...

Little Ashley "McSplashly" Pitcher tagged Arianne.
Five unique things that we love about our Arianne.

1-Sometimes her life is a musical. Arianne loves singing (and dancing). Most of the time when she is singing, she is narrating everything that she does or is thinking. Only about 10% of the time does she sing a song that really exists (and even then she throws in a little twist). The other day in the van she started singing "I like to move it move it..." (from the show Madagascar). She sang that line over and over again and then Ellie joined it (it was hilarious).

2- Arianne loves gum and she is good and chewing it. She never even swallows it. When she is done with it, most of the time she will try to save it and put it a little Ziploc baggy. One time I even found her little Ziploc baggy in the refrigerator (who knows maybe she thought it would preserve better).

3- If you tell Arianne something that happened to someone, and she finds it fascinating, then she will pretend that something similar happened in her own life. For example, I am always telling my kids about stories of things that have happened to other kids when they were doing something dangerous and then all of the sudden Arianne will be telling me about her friend who fell out of a window or something like that. And she says it like she believes it.

4- Arianne loves books. She loves to be read to but, she also loves to look at the books and make up what she thinks is happening. She is quite good at it, too. Sometimes I am amazed by her vocabulary and at how descriptive she is.

5- Anyone who knows Arianne could tell you that she has ATTITUDE. When she really means something she will definitely let you know. (but she can also be so nice and sweet too and I can't help but smile when I see her beautiful smile)

Five little friends that Arianne would like to tag:

1-Lexie Day
2-Hunter Mabey
3-Reddek Allred
4-Isabella Weinand
5-Cole Schulmire
(and anyone else who wants to do it)


Shayla said...

She is so funny & the most photogenic little girl! I love her... and her attitude:) Fun tag, you know we'll do it!

Megan said...

I love all your pictures, keep them coming. I have a few things I could add to that list about Arianne...especially about how she will be in years to come.

min said...

Geez... she sounds like Lynn... especially the musical life aspect...

Rachel Seren said...

She is so cute! I just love her eyes! They are gorgeous! What a fun idea!

Rachel said...

She is such a doll, what a cute collage!

Shayla said...

Ok, so I tagged YOU! Do it!
Yesterday was so fun & I'm excited for our next craft day!
Oh, and we found Arianne's shoe about 2 minutes after you left:)