Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fun/Funny Pictures

I have been wanting to do a post like this for a long time (and will probably do another one in the future). I gathered some random pictures from the last year. All of the pictures I have included are either fun or funny (the kind of pictures that make me smile and laugh). Hope you enjoy.

Adeline smashing her face up against a window while watching the kids play outside.

Malachi would much rather pull a face for the camera than smile.

Adeline enjoying a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie (and leaving some on her face to enjoy later).

The kids had a blast jumping for these pictures.

We put in a portion of fence this year and the kids had fun playing in the post holes that we dug.

Adeline (at 8 months) crawling into a book shelf.

Arianne is extremely creative. Here, she cut out some matching headbands and bows and taped them together for her and Ellie. She is always making little creations with scissors (which has also gotten her into trouble, quite a bit).

Our first tomato that we grew in our garden last year.

A picture of me last September; a few hours after having my bottom wisdom teeth removed.