Monday, August 4, 2008

A few days with our friends...

This last week my good friend Cecilee visited us for a few days with her three little girls. It got a bit crazy at times (with six kids five and under)but we had a lot of fun.

To the Zoo Again
Hopefully, you aren't all bored of zoo pictures because here are some more. We had such a good time at the zoo the first time that we went, so we decided to go with our friends as well. It was a little harder and hotter this time. The first time we went we had three kids and two adults and this time it was six kids and two adults. In the top left you see that Malachi built up the courage, unlike our last visit, to touch the snake (he looks a little nervous, though). Top right: Arianne, Lexie, and Jorden.

After the zoo we went to a little amusement park that is right next to the zoo. We let the kids ride this airplane ride. Lexie and Malachi rode together and Arianne and Ellie rode together. As you can see, Ellie was a little unsure as the ride started, but after she realized it wasn't getting any higher then she was fine with it.

Water Fun
We went to our ward primary activity on Saturday. Going form left to right. Picture 1: My friend Cecilee and her little three month old baby, Kamree. Picture 2: Ellie checking out her sack lunch. Picture 3: Malachi having fun, doing what he does best, throwing things at people (and he didn't even get in trouble). Picture 4: Arianne had to dry off every time she ran through the slip'n slide. Picture 5: Malachi running on the slip'n slide (he didn't want to slide even though he does it on our wood floors all of the time). Picture 6: Roger couldn't resist taking his turn on the slip'n slide, shoes and all. Picture 7: Malachi at the balloon toss. Picture 8: Ellie wandering around (she wasn't about to get wet). Picture 9: Lexie looking pretty.

I'm sad to announce that I might not have any pictures to post for a while, because my camera seems to be broken (the lens won't retract and so my camera won't take any pictures). And you know how fixing cameras go, it cost less to buy a new one. Anyway, we are now collecting sympathy funds so that we can buy a new camera (just kidding).

Ellie's Update

In reference to my July 21st posting, all of Ellie's tests went pretty well. When she got her VCUG done they found that she had a degree 1 reflux, which may or may not have caused her urinary tract infection. Since it is only a degree 1 reflux the doctors aren't going to do any kind of treatment, in the past they would have done a year of antibiotics, but newer studies show that it is not necessary on a degree 1. The doctor said that over time her reflux should fix itself. If Ellie gets any more urinary tract infections in the next year, then they will go ahead and do the year of antibiotics.

It has been hard to tell if Ellie is doing better, because she has had a stomach flu, a cold, and been getting her two year molars in, the last week,and so she has been pretty ornery and she doesn't communicate very well on what is bothering her. But, she does seem to be doing a little better now that her sicknesses are coming to an end. This has been a horrible summer for sicknesses (I thought the winter is when people are supposed to get sick, this is not the case in our house).