Monday, August 4, 2008

Ellie's Update

In reference to my July 21st posting, all of Ellie's tests went pretty well. When she got her VCUG done they found that she had a degree 1 reflux, which may or may not have caused her urinary tract infection. Since it is only a degree 1 reflux the doctors aren't going to do any kind of treatment, in the past they would have done a year of antibiotics, but newer studies show that it is not necessary on a degree 1. The doctor said that over time her reflux should fix itself. If Ellie gets any more urinary tract infections in the next year, then they will go ahead and do the year of antibiotics.

It has been hard to tell if Ellie is doing better, because she has had a stomach flu, a cold, and been getting her two year molars in, the last week,and so she has been pretty ornery and she doesn't communicate very well on what is bothering her. But, she does seem to be doing a little better now that her sicknesses are coming to an end. This has been a horrible summer for sicknesses (I thought the winter is when people are supposed to get sick, this is not the case in our house).

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The Allred Family said...

We are so happy that things are better for you guys now :) Ellie is so tough! Hopefully your family won't have to deal with anymore sicknesses for a LONG time!