Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Say Cheese"

Last week my mom and sister Candace visited. It was so much fun to have visitors (so if any of you ever one to come and stay with us you are more than welcome). Most of the pictures below were taken while they were here.

Ellie, Lily (Candace's youngest), Arianne, Madeline (Candace's oldest), my youngest brother Elijah, and Malachi

Arianne, Maddie, Elijah, and Malachi

My brother Elijah. Yes, it is true I have a brother that is six years old. My mom was just about nine months pregnant with him when Roger and I got married. It is pretty funny, because Roger's family is the same way, but he is the youngest. So, I have a sister-in-law that is about 54 (or somewhere around there) and a brother that is six. Making our siblings span about fifty years in age.

Malachi is all boy. He loves all the action that he can get. He loves jumping off things (luckily he is jumping on to a tramp, which you can't see below him). Later he decided to jump off of the railing (which I didn't approve of) and I didn't get a picture of that.

Elijah taking his turn. I just love being able to get pictures of kids in action. It almost makes me want to be a kid again (almost).

My sister Candace and her two beautiful little girls.

Maddie and Lily



Isn't she sweet?

Malachi "cheesing"

Arianne enjoying the best soda out there (root beer).

And what's better than root beer? Root beer and pizza (mmmm:)

Ellie being a great poser...

Arianne is going to be Dorthy for Halloween, so I had to get the ruby red slippers, but I knew that there would be a war if Ellie didn't get a pair, too. Don't Ellie's little chubby feet look so cute in these?

Ellie feels that a cute pair of shoes (no matter the color) goes with anything and I think, in this case, she is right.


Rachel Seren said...

I just love all the pictures! I need to do my research and head out and start experimenting with my camera.

Shayla said...

Ellie & shoes! She's so funny. Cute picts... looks like you had so much fun with your visitors! You're so lucky to have a sister. So, call me! Love to have you guys over to play... how about a lunch playdate tomorrow?

Cory & Nicole said...

Hey Annie- didn't know you had a blog! Mine is set to private but will send you an invite. . to your email address. what kind of camera did you get? I am wanting to buy a nice camera and your pictures look great!

min said...

How funny! Ash is going to be Dorothy too! Same red shoes... she was going to be "World Girl" until she saw a pic of Dorothy, and I think it was those darn red sparkly shoes that made her change her mind...

Platt Family said...

What darling pictures! How fun to have a visit from your sweet family.

Shayla said...

Hey Hey, cute new background! I changed mine too... you inspired me the other day with your ambition:) Call me after your in-laws leave, have fun!

Emily M said...

These pictures are so good. What a fun time with your family! Harry can't believe that Malachi's uncle is a kid.