Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Vacation in Utah

We were in Utah for ten days (which is why I haven't posted anything lately). We had a wedding, a baby blessing, a family reunion, and more to go to while we down there. I would have to say that the highlight of the trip was when we all got the stomach flu. It started a week ago Monday when we were at a party at my parent's house and Ellie just wasn't happy and she wouldn't eat anything and then the next thing we knew she was throwing up all over my parent's stairs (sorry mom and dad). And then on the way home she threw-up all over her car seat (which was a lot of fun to clean up). Two days later, we were at our friend's, Lindsey and Jay's house, and Arianne hadn't been eating all day and I could tell that she wasn't feeling good and so I took her outside and she ended up throwing-up on their lawn (sorry Lindsey and Jay). On the way home, Arianne threw-up three more times and by this time I was feeling pretty sick and I threw-up once (I am happy to say that none of it got in our van, this time). It took us two hours to get from Salt Lake to Ogden, because of all of our stops. Roger and Malachi got sick during the night, poor Roger got it the worst, throwing up at least ten times. It was only about a twenty-four hour flu so luckily it didn't interfere with anything we were supposed to go to.
One of my best friends got married on the 21st of June up at the Solitude Ski Resort in Salt Lake City. It was a beautiful wedding. Kristina and I were roommates in college and we also ran hurdles together for Weber State. Congratulations Tim and Kristina!

Doesn't Kristina look Beautiful? In the top right is a picture of friends that I hurdled with in college. It was a fun reunion to be able to see a lot of old friends.

While I was at Kristina's wedding, I had my friend Cecilee take a picture of Roger and I. It is sad, I don't think that I have a picture of just Roger and I since before we had kids. Thanks Cec.

While we were in Utah, my friend Cecilee's husband, Jeff, blessed their new baby Kamree. They now have three beautiful girls.

I thought this was the cutest picture. Ellie is holding her little cousin Lily (my sister Candace's second girl).

While we were in Utah, we went swimming in my parent's pool. The kids had a blast. They probably won't think that our little swimming pool is much fun any more. The bottom left picture is a picture of Maddie (my sister Candace's oldest), my brother Elijah, Arianne, my brother Levi, and Malachi.

While we were in Utah we had the Davies' family reunion. It was close to 100 degrees, but we were still able to have fun. In the top left is a picture of Malachi and Arianne in the cake walk. On the top right is when Arianne and had just won and she was going with Roger to redeem her prize. Doesn't she look excited?

Here is a picture of Rich (Roger's older brother) and his two girls Kate and Isabelle, Malachi, Ellie, Arianne, and Roger.

Roger showing that he still has some trampoline skills, doing a back flip. I was pretty impressed, I guess I shouldn't be, I mean he was a cheerleader in college.

Arianne and Ellie trying on Grandma Lulla's (my mom) reading glasses.


Rachel Seren said...

What I wouldn't give to be in Utah! How fun. I am amazed how much your daughters look alike. I bet you get asked if they are twins all the time!

The Cooks said...

That was a marathon of a post and super fun to look at. Looks like you had a fabulous time!! You have such a natural beauty and your kids have it to good work. I am glad you and Roger got a picture together. Glad everyone is feeling completely better now.

The Black Family said...

So sorry about the flu! It is so weird, none of us got it, thank goodness! We still had fun with you guys and hope you did too!

Rachel said...

You guys look so cute! Glad someone took your picture!!! What a fun vacation! :)

Platt Family said...

What a trip. My word, you guys were busy!! How fun! The wedding was beautiful, I love solitude, and your family pictures are so cute. Looks like you guys had fun, except for the flu. It seems to always happen at the worst times!! By the way, does your parents still live in Roy?

Dean Family said...

So cute and so fun!! Enjoy the nice warm weather!

min said...

yeah wish i coulda seen ya while you were here too... at least my ma did ;)

Courtenay said...

Looks like loads of fun!