Monday, July 28, 2008

Our Trip to the Zoo

Last week we went to our local zoo. We have lived here for two years now and the zoo is only five minutes away and this it the first time that we have gone. I was really impressed with our little zoo and it made me wonder why we hadn't been before. I guess we're like that, though. We used to live about two and half hours away from Mt. Rushmore and we never went. We had always planned to, but it never happened. Anyway, the kids loved it (and so did Roger and I), so I'm sure we will be back soon.

I love the picture of Malachi on the top right. He said that he could see little fish through the cracks of the bridge (not my top pick of favorite positions).

Surprisingly, Arianne was my little adventurist. Malachi is my kid that loves bugs and likes to pull them apart, but he wouldn't touch the corn snake or go in with the goats, but Arianne jumped at the opportunity.

Ellie loves animals. She just squeals with delight when she sees one, but she likes her distance too. When an animal comes close to her she does this laugh/cry thing, She doesn't know whether or not she is happy or scared.

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