Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Best of Friends

When I found out that I was pregnant with Ellie, I was a little scared. I didn't really feel ready to have another baby (to be born just 16 months after Arianne), but now I am so thankful that it happened that way. More and more Ellie and Arianne are becoming better and better friends and I'm sure that as time goes by, their friendship will just grow stronger (as it has with my sisters and me, which I feel so blessed to have).




A little side note: This is Ellie's first French braids:) Could her hair finally be growing? Hurray!
Another side note: The skirt and bow that Ellie is wearing was made by my very talented and creative mother, who never even uses patterns. When I share my sister's wedding photos, you will get to witness some more of my mom's talent (she made all of the flower girls dresses).


Mindy said...

Sometimes I find myself envious that I didn't have a sister growing up.. what cute pictures of those two..

Shayla said...

They're so lucky to have each other! I love watching my boys get closer as they grow up, it's so sweet. {LOVE Ellie's little skirt & bow!!} Miss you Annie!! ♥

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

Hi Annie, I ran across your blog from CountryMom's. I am also a homeschooler. My son is 7 and I have a two year old.

Your children are BEAUTIFUL!


Annie, Your children are beautiful. You wrote and ask...I home school my six year old (ready to go in first grade) and I am a little nervous, being that I have a two month old. How do you suggest I handle my girls (ranging from two months to four years old) while doing home school?

Annie, Thanks for the comment. I really enjoy homeschooling. One of the things I love about homeschooling is...You set your own hours. If you know that your daughters take a nap at a certain time everyday, or watch tv, you could work around that. I like to start school first thing of the morning. It helps to keep to a routine, but you can change it up when needed. You could get your 4 year old a small desk too. Maybe she could color or paint while your son does his school. If you have her some of the same school goodies like her big brother, she would love it. Like stick glue, crayons, etc. There have been many times, I have worn my youngest baby in a pack or had her on my hip while teaching. If you would like to ever talk please let me know. Write me anytime. Blessings,

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

I'm not kidding, your girls are simply GORGEOUS!!! I love all your pictures, they're so bright and colorful!

Michelle Bennett said...

haha. Guess what Annie! I made myself a dress out of that same turquoise and brown material!!!! I'll have to send you a picture!