Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy 1/2 Birthday Malachi!


I decided to have a 1/2 birthday party for Malachi on June 5th (which is exactly 6 months before his birthday). I always feel bad for Malachi, because his birthday is so close to Christmas, and then he has to wait twelve whole months until he gets presents again. He loves Christmas and his birthday so much (like every kid) and so all year long he asks how long it is before his birthday or Christmas comes again. I also gave him a party because the only birthday party that he has had is when he turned one year old (I know I'm a bad mom). And I thought birthday parties are more fun and easier when they are outside. Malachi had a blast. I think from now on when I give him a birthday party I will do it in June.


All of the games that the kids played at the party had to do with water. We played Malachi's favorite fishing game (when we go to church carnivals) where the kids throw their fishing line over a fishing wall and then the person behind the wall attaches a prize. We played a game where you see how many balls you can get into the bowls that are floating in the swimming pool. And there was a game where the kids threw water balloons at a target, which some of the balloons "accidentally" hit people.



Courtenay said...

What a great Mom you are! I love the idea of celebrating a 1/2 birthday. I have only thrown one "friend" birthday party, and it was for Eric's first birthday. They are a lot of work. It looks like you had loads of fun!

Jeff and Cecilee said...

Fun idea! I bet Malachi loved it all!

lynda@polkadot fairys said...

Happy half birthday Malachi!!! It is so hard for those december birthdays! I wish I would have done that for Jess and Tasha. I'm glad the weather cooperated! What fun and Malachi looks soooo happy!