Monday, May 26, 2008

The Dandelion King



A few weeks ago the kids and I took a walk to the post office to drop off a few Mother's Day cards. The whole way, Malachi was picking dandelions out of every one's yard (I figured that no one would mind if they were missing some dandelions in their yard, I know I wouldn't). The walk ended up taking ten times longer than it usually would have, but it was worth it to get these cute pictures. I couldn't believe how many dandelions he was able to hold

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lynda@polkadot fairys said...

Malachi, You are so sweet ! What a good flower picker you are! Those are beautiful! I already miss you!! We can't wait till you come again and play batman with Elijah! I'll get some popcycles and we'll open the pool!
I love you Malachi!
Love ,Grandmalulla